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Hello, I'm Mac Barnes, inventor of the EASY-UPHAUL.

In 1996, in New Jersey, it was my second windsurfing season, I bought a Mistral race board and sail, and entered a race with about twenty-five sailors. I port tacked the fleet at the start, and was about 100 meters ahead until I had to turn, then I fell in and the fleet passed me. For the whole race, almost every time I turned I fell. I was so exhausted from uphauling a 7.4 meter race sail that I had to quit after two races. Everyone else completed three more races. It bothered me, not being able to compete.

So when I got home I tied ropes to every part of the mast looking for a way to get the sail up that was easier than uphauling, and I found a way. The next week I raced with the same group and completed every race because I did not get tired from uphauling. I still fell in on almost every turn, and I was last, but uphauling was not getting me tired. They gave me a novice class trophy.

Now I can waterstart small sails in high winds, but I still use the Easy-Uphaul on my big sails because there is not enough wind to waterstart. Or sometimes my waterstarts just aren’t working for me, then I Easy-Uphaul rather than struggle with multiple attempts to waterstart.

Since then, I've perfected and patented the EASY-UPHAUL and it's gone 'round the world, and consecutive Olympic games.

-Stay in the lead

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