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"The top sailors of the US Olympic Team are happy users of the EASY-UPHAUL. Why? Because it works so well. I personally know that US Team members Mike Gebhardt, Cara Reid, Randy Somnitz, Beth Powell, Laura Chambers, Peter Wells, Doug Stryker, Jean Raas and Kim Birkenfeld use the EASY-UPHAUL, as does coach Skip White.
I use the EASY-UPHAUL, and when you come to Banana River Windsurfing Resort you will too, because there is one on every sail."
-Greg Winkler, USA40.

"The advantage for beginners is they don’t get tired uphauling. It won’t alter the number of times they have to uphaul, but they get more time on the water and have more fun. For ladies struggling with bigger rigs the EASY-UPHAUL has clear advantages, while junior sailors should be able to start younger as rig weight is the deciding factor."
-The UK magazine BOARDS

Uphauling! No one likes to do it. Everyone tries to avoid it. It’s a necessary evil. However, while it will never be less necessary, it has recently become considerably less evil. How?... By using a new product called the EASY-UPHAUL. This clever device lets you just hook in, lean back, and watch the sail breech the waves as effortlessly as Flipper... uphauling couldn’t be easier!
-Ken Winner, Equipment Editor WINDSURFING magazine

"This is great. I can’t believe I’m getting excited about an uphaul!"
-Clay Feeter, Founder WIND TRACKS magazine

The EASY-UPHAUL may look like just an uphaul with a loop in the middle, but it is much more than that. It is actually a precision instrument designed to eliminate the strain of uphauling. It is a simple device to solve a monumental problem, and it works. The loop hooks to your harness hook, and you lift the sail out of the water by leaning back. When you grab the uphaul, the loop falls off and you finish the easy part of uphauling. An adjustable buckle lets you set the balance point for your rig and height.




Lanee & Gebi EASY-UPHAUL at the Sydney Olympics

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Gene McCarren smiles as he
lifts his race sail

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