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1. Attach non-stretchy
rope to boom



2. Stretch elastic cord around mast-base

3. Set the length, using the velcro.

Changing the length is easy, open the Velcro fabric wrap and make it longer or shorter, then close the wrap.  If your Easy-Uphaul is set too short, then you will feel that you are going to fall into the sail. If your Easy-Uphaul is set too long, then you will lean back without lifting the sail. If your Easy-Uphaul is set correctly, you will begin in a comfortable, leaning back posture, and as you continue to lean back the sail will come out of the water, effortlessly. Once set to your personal length, the Easy-Uphaul does not need to be reset. Also, you can use the length of the Easy-Uphaul to set your boom to your preferred height every time you rig. Important: We use a very special “Hook” to set the length in place.  This hook has incredible shear strength.  The trade off is cycle times for opening the wrap.  Try to set the length correctly with as few attempts as possible to maintain the Velcro’s integrity.

After putting the Easy-Uphaul on the sail, you can make a rough estimate of the correct length on dry land:with the mast attached to the board, and the sail lying down, grab the vinyl loop and stretch the Easy-Uphaul past the mastbase. With the Easy-Uphaul fully stretched, the end of the vinyl loop should be about 6 inches (15 cm) past the universal joint. This is an approximate beginning point, but each individual sailor will want to fine tune the length to their personal preference, after they get on the water.

When you stand on the board with the sail in the water, and attach the EASY-UPHAUL to your harness hook the EASY-UPHAUL should be taut. When you lean back your leaning movement should immediately cause the sail to rise.

Rigging for Children: To shorten the length of the EASY-UPHAUL beyond its shortest length, put the top loop around the mast above the boom (this will shorten the length about 9 inches/ 23cm.)

Rigging for VERY tall Sailors: If you need to lengthen the Easy-Uphaul beyond the maximum length, add a length of rope to the top, or tie a length of rope to the boom and attach the Easy-Uphaul to it.

To Make the Easy-Uphaul three inches shorter: Tie a knot in the webbing between the vinyl loop and the shock cord. Each knot will shorten the length by three inches. This is useful for shorter sailors.

It is important to adjust the length of the Easy-Uphaul to fit your height in order to gain the full benefit of your Easy-Uphaul.


Rigging Instructions

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