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The finer points of using the EASY-UPHAUL

How to Easy-Uphaul: Uphaul with the Wind at your back, and the Sail downwind. Stand on the sailboard facing the sail, grab the nylon webbing, stretch it towards you and put the white loop over your harness hook. It will help if you bend your knees, bringing the harness hook down low as you “hook in.” Then lean back and watch the sail rise. Grab the nylon webbing and finish raising the sail by hand. When you grab the boom the EASY-UPHAUL will fall off your harness hook by itself.

The EASY-UPHAUL can also be used to maneuver the board into the correct uphaul position relative to the wind. Begin by partially raising the sail about 1 foot with the EASY-UPHAUL, now wait while wind pushes on the sail and turns the board around slowly, until the sail is downwind. When the sail is downwind, you will feel the “easy spot” where the sail comes up effortlessly. This is the correct uphaul position.

The correct posture for using the Easy-Uphaul is standing erect and leaning back comfortably, balancing your weight against the weight of the sail. To achieve this comfortable, balanced posture, the Easy-Uphaul needs to be set to your personal size.

It is important to adjust the length of the Easy-Uphaul to fit your height in order to gain the full benefit of your Easy-Uphaul.

How I know it's the right length?

Changing the length is easy, open the Velcro fabric wrap and make it longer or shorter, then close the wrap.  If your Easy-Uphaul is set too short, then you will feel that you are going to fall into the sail. If your Easy-Uphaul is set too long, then you will lean back without lifting the sail. If your Easy-Uphaul is set correctly, you will begin in a comfortable, leaning back posture, and as you continue to lean back the sail will come out of the water, effortlessly. Once set to your personal length, the Easy-Uphaul does not need to be reset. Also, you can use the length of the Easy-Uphaul to set your boom to your preferred height every time you rig. Important: We use a very special “Hook” to set the length in place.  This hook has incredible shear strength.  The trade off is cycle times for opening the wrap.  Try to set the length correctly with as few attempts as possible to maintain the Velcro’s integrity.

Technique Tips


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